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Gratify (iOS)

‘Enough’ is a feast – Buddhist proverb
‘Enough’ is a feast – Buddhist proverb


A powerful way to transform our lives is through the practice of gratitude.

By practicing gratitude, we can shift focus from a life of not enough, one instilled by consumerism and modern marketing, to a life of plenty, one signified by joy and appreciation. This is a life where nothing is taken for granted, one where we are able to appreciate the small miracles occurring each and every day, all around us.

By noting our thoughts on a daily basis, we are literally rewiring the brain. Those who apply this technique tend to be more creative, be more resilient to adversity, have a stronger immune system, and have stronger social relationships.

This app aims to induce this conscious state of daily appreciation, and bring awareness to our lives, our thoughts, and our minds.

Design process

User stories

  1. I want to add my thoughts with ease
  2. I want to see how many entries I’ve made today
  3. I want to have my data backed up on the cloud
  4. I want to see my usage statistics

User flow


Low-fidelity wireframes

I developed a series of low-fidelity wireframes, which were built into a working prototype at each iteration.

Early prototype
Early prototype
Updated entry process
Updated entry process

User testing

The initial prototype had the button bar at the top. After a series of user tests, it was apparent that the app was far more intuitive with this bar positioned at the bottom.

Another discovery was a preference for a single focus entry method, as shown in the second prototype. Also now included is a counter to track the number of entries, increasing feelings of engagement.

High-fidelity wireframes