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I can, just not yet

‘There is nothing you can’t do’ is often dismissed as a meaningless platitude, and so I’d like to propose a more interesting alternative:

There is nothing that can be done, that you can’t do too.

The caveat of course, is that the right amount of effort be applied.

The only reason that, at this point in time, we aren’t able to do the cool, interesting and seemingly difficult things that others can, is that we have not yet learnt how. It doesn’t mean we aren’t smart enough, or aren’t wired to think that way, it simply means we have not yet applied the effort to learn how. Sure, the effort required is unique to each person, but it’s always possible.

Whenever you think you can’t do something, remember you can, though have not yet learnt how. With this mindset, ‘there is nothing you can’t do’.