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My profile is better than yours

Social media has evolved from a way to connect with friends and family, to a medium to show off the best parts of our life. Our profiles show only the best, finely curated aspects of our lives, a huge misrepresentation.

Our friend that, with a quick scroll, appears to be the happiest person in the world, sitting in the sun, eating amazing food, parting every night, having constant adventures, may be chronically depressed. It’s easy to fake it – there is so much we don’t see.

I’m not suggesting we start posting about the time we tied both our shoes, or bought 3 potatoes at the supermarket, but rather acknowledge that these tailored snapshots don’t completely represent our lives. At most, they provide insight as to the things that are important to us.

Remember this, the next time you’re left feeling like everyone’s lives are great except yours after a quick scroll through your feed.