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Apps for quick capture to Notion

Let me know if any feature assessments are wrong. I have not tried all apps.

Computer - web capture

Highlight Full page Bookmark File
Official Web Clipper
❌ βœ… ❌ ❌
Save to Notion
βœ… βœ… βœ… ❓
Hypothesis (+ Readwise)
βœ… ❌ ❌ ❌
Readwise Highlighter
βœ… βœ… ❓ ❌

Computer - general capture

Text File Screenshot
Official App
🐌 🐌 🐌
βœ… ❓ ❓
Quick Add for Notion
βœ… ❓ ❓
πŸ’» mac, win
βœ… ❓ ❓

Mobile - web capture

Highlight Full page Bookmark
Official App
❌ ❌ βœ… and,(mac?)

Mobile - general capture

Text Share menu Voice
Official App
βœ… πŸ”˜ ❌
Instant Notion
βœ… ❓ ❌


βœ… support, ❌ no support
πŸ”˜ partial support, 🐌 not quick
❓ uncertain

Other capture sources


  • Export Kindle Highlights to Notion 🧩 ch
  • Readwise browser extension 🧩 ch,ff

Notes on the apps

Save to Notion

  • It doesn’t use the official API.
  • It can read all your Notion data.
  • You must add the current page before highlighting.
  • You must choose between every page being added as a bookmark, or every page having its full contents added.
  • Review by Thomas Frank.


  • No images or bullet points, and line breaks can misbehave.
  • Firefox bookmarklet has CORS issues.
  • Designed around collaboration.
  • On the BASB resources list.

Readwise export to Notion

  • Minimal customization.
  • Expensive if using only for web highlights.

Official computer app

  • Can use a scripting tool like AutoHotkey for a global add note shortcut

Official mobile app

  • Widgets allow quick capture of text.

Other quick capture options

Niche apps

Automation setup

Published Jun 1, 2023

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